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Anonymous asked:

I just read someone posting "waiting for Chris Evans nudes to leak…" and I'm like "guuuurrrrrrrrrl you just wanna see his dick, because HELLO what's your number?" he's like REALLY naked there. Plus, it's awful to wish that your favorite person's privacy gets invaded like that. Not cool, sir. Not cool.


Our official position is that we want him to do some gritty indie with full frontal so Chris is complicit in all of us seeing the goods.

Because, yes, the main reaction when you hear about leaked pictures like that is, “I can’t believe some jerk did that to them.”

memorysynched asked:

im pretty sure theres a recording of it (picnic w/ sebastian stan) SOMEWHERE because i remember having it all loaded up once and then i didnt watch it because im an idiot and i have no idea where the link went

I couldn’t find no trace of such recording on the internet. There’s a short video on youtube though, as far as I remember.

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